A privately held company, founded in 2006 by a group of former Atlanta based chemical industry executives.



The Algonquin Peoples were uniquely organized and productive with their own unique language. The name is referenced and the people were described in various James Fenimore Cooper novels. I particularly appreciated their flat management structure and that room was made for people of good character.

A further reference is the historic “Round Table” located at the Algonquin Hotel.

Look over our logo and you will find both influences displayed by a talented graphic artist Mike Green.



In 2006, in Atlanta Georgia, Sam Daniels raised capital to form Algonquin Products by contacting two other managers recently retired from Acuity Brands – Zep Division. Former CEO Richard Manning and Operations VP Jim Bukovac.

Shortly after completing our business plan we brought in two additional Zep managers: Jim Piva and Dave Bauer were Divisional Vice Presidents in the Northeast and Southeast respectively. Both had P&L responsibility for  $80-90 $Million in revenue.

The first months proved to be a test of fire as we launched right into the worst US financial crisis since the Great Depression.



Fine friends helped us overcome tough economic conditions. These PhD’s in Chemistry, Graduate Chemists, IT Professionals, Food Sanitation Specialists and Sales leaders supported Algonquin through the ‘lean years.’ Most of them also became Algonquin shareholders.

Like the Algonquin Peoples, we are a flat organization blessed with leadership and participation ‘around our table.’ We have progressed through the last few years with a growing lineup of top professionals; especially in our core Food business, Vehicle Wash and general cleaning chemicals.



We began and continue to offer three distinct contributions to our customers.

First, we hire only experienced and highly trained individuals; then support them with all necessary resources to assure success.

Secondly, our objective is to present our customers with quantifiable results. Those are products, people and services that directly impact your income statement and balance sheet

Further, we aim to accomplish this through one on one interaction at plant and customer locations by emphasizing best practices in cleaning / sanitation, training, safety and environmental responsibility.



Our third party market evaluations rate Algonquin as one of the fastest growing businesses in the industrial cleaning segment.

We are able to operate in this accelerated manner because all earnings from the past 12 years have continuously been reinvested in growth.

Our geographic footprint has expanded to all markets east of the Mississippi River and most adjoining western states.

We now have facilities for customer service in both the Atlanta and Boston areas and plans for a 2020 midwest location.

Our direct sales force is 30 people strong including all three managers and our customer base is growing and expanding with us; including our very first account, Pan Glo.



Simple, keep moving and keep improving.

We will continue to emphasize and invest in training and product development for Food Sanitation along with Vehicle Wash and general industrial cleaning products.

We subscribe to the discipline of continuous improvement and welcome challenges from both new and existing customers.

Finally, we always keep an eye out for men and women with that entrepreneurial spirit.




“I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to the Algonquin Products crew for helping us to bring our company to higher levels of sanitation. You know, here at the Pier Fish Co. we do our best to maintain a clean and safe environment at all times. By forming a partnership with Algonquin we feel much closer to our goals. Thanks to your professional personal training in putting the time in to show how well your products work as well the savings we can achieve by having a better understanding on the amounts we should be using. Pier Fish Co. is looking forward to a long relationship with Algonquin Products. Thanks for everything.”

– Richard Casemiro, Pier Fish Company

“On behalf of the University of Rhode Island, I would like to personally thank you and everyone at Algonquin Products Company for helping to make the Student Union one of the cleanest buildings on the URI Campus. My entire staff raves about the high quality and efficiency of your cleaning products. As our primary sales rep, you have been extremely accommodating and the level of service your company provides is second to none. In a time of significant budgetary restraints, my ability to acquire such high level products in a cost efficient manner makes all the difference in the world. Thanks to you and everyone at Algonquin for a job well done! The University looks forward to continuing its relationship with Algonquin Products for many years to come.”

– Robert F. Tiernan, University of Rhode Island

“Algonquin has great products and amazing support from Jim Piva. Jim’s fast response time and willingness to go well above and beyond always exceeds my expectations. I know I can count on him for a positive outcome, no matter my request.” 

– Camie Cox, The Town Dock

Good Afternoon Mr. Piva,


I work in the Purchasing/Legal Department for the Town of Guilford and was charged with ordering PPE products for all the departments.  The Fire Department referred me to Algonquin Products and gave me Terry Cohn’s contact info.  From the moment I spoke to Terry, I knew he was a true professional and he was most efficient in providing me with quotes for the PPE items we needed.  One of the items we ordered earlier this summer was for the touchless hand sanitizer dispensers.  Unfortunately, through no fault of Terry, he was unable to get an ETA on the dispensers, which were supposed to be shipped in August.  He recently informed me about another vendor who had these dispensers readily available and so I quickly moved forward and placed the order!  Terry also informed me about the 55 gallon drum of the gel hand-sanitizer, which I previously had ordered in the small pump bottles.  The cost-savings associated with the purchase of the 55 gallon drum of this hand-sanitizer is a no brainer!!


Our maintenance staff is currently in the process of installing the touchless hand-sanitizers and the positive feedback I’ve received so far has been incredible.  They especially like the gel because it has no odor!!


I would like thank you for your efforts to expedite this order and to Terry for being so responsive to our needs during this pandemic crisis.  Over the summer, I had the pleasure to meet Terry and he is a wonderful sales representative and works diligently to service his customers.


Thank you for the great customer service Algonquin Products is providing to the Town of Guilford.


Have a wonderful day.




Victoria Ahern

Administrative Assistant to

Town of Guilford


“I sell Sludge Buster degreaser to several municipalities for their Lift Station grease buildup problems. The results have been fewer service calls, and the citrus scent helps manage odor-control issues.”

– Cody Husser, Wholesale Pump

“I just wanted to thank you for providing my department with the Personal Foul Power-shot to clean and sanitize the fire gear. It quickly and very effectively removed all of the smell from the helmets, jackets, pants and boots. We’ve never been able to effectively clean or sanitize our helmets effectively because it so labor intensive. The Algonquin Personal Foul Power-shot took care of everything in less than 6 hours with no cleaning or labor required. You’ve got us hooked on this product and we’re going to sanitize our gear much more frequently now that is so easy and cost efficient. On behalf of everyone at Dartmouth Fire District 2, I really appreciate you taking the time to demo this product and prove its effectiveness.”

– Chief Andre, Dartmouth Fire District

“I wanted to let you know just how pleased we are at Pieper Olson Veterinary Hospital with the service that Algonquin Products and Kevin Worthington have provided us. Over the past nine months, Kevin has gone above & beyond what a sales representative is required to do. He is always there to answer any questions and assist me with any concerns that I may have. He supplies our business with high quality cleaning supplies such as: paper products, laundry detergents, sanitation products and many other items we need in order to keep the practice running smoothly. I only hope that Kevin can continue to provide Pieper Olson with many more Algonquin products for years to come.”

– Amber Goulet, Pieper-Olson Veterinary Center