Algonquin delivers a wide selection of products to keep your automotive shop or dealership free of grease and dirt! Our industrial strength degreasers, floor cleaners, brake cleaners, and industrial liquids will keep your business looking sharp for your customers. Also, try some of our heavy-duty hand soaps to keep your employees’ and customers’ hands clean, and our wide array of hospitality products to keep your restrooms nice and tidy.

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Product Number: Chem 859

A premium, high quality cleaner and degreaser. Can be used for light, medium, and heavy duty cleaning by changing the dilution ratios. Contains organic solvents to help dissolve grease.

All Kleen

Product Number: 1022

Ready-to-Use non-toxic all purpose cleaner. This product will clean just about anything, anywhere, at any time.

Alume Kleen

Product Number: 1057

Economical hydrofluoric acid-based product designed to clean and brighten most aluminum surfaces. Fast-acting and effective on a multitude of cleaning applications. Cleans and restores the shine to wire, chrome and mag wheels, wheel covers, and auto grills. Also cleans coils and fins on air conditioning units. Just spray on and rinse off!

AP Black Fast Gasket

Product Number: 1455

Low volatility, RTV gasket maker with a temperature range up to 500F. For use on oil pumps and pans, engine cooling components, valve covers and the like. Compatible with engine oil, transmission fluid and anti-freeze.

AP Cab ‘N All

Product Number: 1332

Heavy duty truck and trailer wash that is economical and highly concentrated. This high-foaming product can be used on the cab, trailer, tires, and rims.

AP Citrus Disinfectant

Product Number: 2054

EPA Registered disinfectant spray with a wide kill claim including but not limited to: HIV-1, MRSA and Influenza to name a few.  Excellent for all offices, gyms, restrooms. locker rooms and the like.  Fabulous citrus fragrance.

AP Kwik Solv

Product Number: 1274

Economical high-evaporation solvent which can be used for a variety of applications such as brake and engine cleaning.

AP Process Cleaner

Product Number: 1870

AP Process Cleaner is a versatile heavy duty cleaner designed specifically for Food Processing facilities

Blue Blast

Product Number: 1464

Blue Blast is a raspberry fragrance solvent based hand soap that is the most industrial strength hand cleaner in our entire line. Blue Blast will clean even the dirtiest hands and contains emollients to prevent drying and cracking.

Bolt Buster EP

Product Number: 1587

An outstanding penetrant that loosens the toughest rust and corrosion to free frozen parts. Contains only lubricants to assist in the removal of fasteners. Penetrants creep between mating parts for faster, safer, loosening. The foaming action minimizes run off and keeps more product working. Extreme Pressure formula!


Product Number: 1463

Premium powdered car wash that tackles heavy soils and is very economical to use. Works well in both manual and automated systems.

Brake Blast

Product Number: 1946

Non-Chlorinated, Hexane-Free brake cleaner will dissolve brake fluid, grease, and oil. This low V.O.C. high-pressure cleaner evaporates instantly. Highly cost effective! Speak to your Algonquin rep today about pricing!

Bus Bright

Product Number: CHEM 1-0084

Bus Bright is a premium synthetic detergent cleaner specifically designed for buses. This high-foaming concentrated product excels at removing road film, exhaust fumes, and similar soils traditionally found on bus surfaces.

Cherry Blast

Product Number: 1063

The same highly effective solvent based hand cleaner as HD Hand with a pleasant cherry scent. Best Seller!

Citrex HD

Product Number: 1444

Outstanding heavy duty citrus-based industrial degreaser. This versatile, non-chlorinated degreaser works well on asphalt, tar, grease, oil and other oil-based contaminents.

Citrus Clean Aerosol

Product Number: 1025

Excellent citrus based degreaser that can be used in a wide variety of applications for degreasing light , medium and heavy duty soils.

Concentrated Truck Wash

Product Number: 1027

Highly concentrated truck soap that delivers superior cleaning in any climate. High concentration provides ability to tackle heavy, medium, or light cleaning applications.

Foaming Citrus Cleaner

Product Number: 1111

Excellent multi-purpose aerosol made with natural ingredients to effectively clean, degrease, and shine most surfaces. Terrific for medium to heavy duty soils.

Formula 200

Product Number: 1433

Concentrated self-emulsifying solvent degreaser which will not cause corrosion. May be used straight for heavy duty degreasing, or mixed with kerosene for medium and light duty cleaning.

Formula 220

Product Number: 1954

Glass Shine

Product Number: 1861

Premium ammonia based aerosol glass cleaner.  Best Seller!

HD Alkaline

Product Number: 1114

Heavy duty alkaline based cleaner for a wide variety of applications.

HD Hand

Product Number: 1030

The natural cleaner for tackling really dirty hands! The combination of pumice, emollients, and detergents leave your hands spotless without drying them out. An Algonquin favorite!

HD Multipurpose

Product Number: 1045

Highly alkaline, concentrated multi-purpose, industrial strength butyl cleaner and degreaser. Reserve alkalinity permits removal of heavy build up of oils, grease, wax, gum, dirt, ink, and lipstick from most hard surfaces.

HD Powdered Floor Soap

Product Number: 1046

Heavy duty powdered floor soap designed for use on concrete floors. Great for light, medium, and heavy duty cleaning applications.

High Foaming Equipment Cleaner

Product Number: 1860

High Foaming Equipment Cleaner is a versatile cleaner designed for food processing facilities. It can be used in a 3 bay sink, through a wall mounted foamer or manually with a bucket and brush.

High pH Presoak

Product Number: 1333

Highly concentrated, high PH presoak designed for car wash, truck wash and bus wash operations. Highly effective in loosening soils and prepping vehicles for the wash cycle.

    Industrial Solvent Aerosol

    Product Number: 1125

    Extremely fast evaporating solvent degreaser ideal for any application where evaporation and no residue is required. Excellent at removing grease, oil, lubricants from electrical contacts, circuit boards, electric motors and machines.

    Industrial Solvent Liquid

    Product Number: 1190

    Highly flammable instant degreaser that evaporates almost on contact while providing excellent degreasing for engines, brakes and the like. Also available in an Aerosol!

    Kleen Hands

    Product Number: 1058

    Kleen Hands is a tough, waterless hand cleaner. Fortified with citrus terpenes that effectively remove dirt, grime, and grease from the dirtiest hands. Pleasant peach fragrance.

    Lemon Fresh Disinfectant

    Product Number: 2000

    EPA Registered air sanitizer with a wide range kill claim.  Pleasant lemon fragrance.


    Product Number: 1131

    PTFE Penetrating Gel Lubricant that can be used for a wide variety of applications.  Excellent for overhead doors and 5th wheel applications.

    Odor Away

    Product Number: 1054

    Highly concentrated water soluble industrial deodorant that can be used in a wide variety of applications. Available in multiple fragrances such as cherry, cinnamon and lemon.

    Parts Kleen

    Product Number: 1044

    This product is excellent for removing most greases, oils, lubricants and more. It has low odor and low inhalation toxicity for maximum work comfort and safety. Non-conductive, high flash point. Leaves no residue.


    Product Number: 1035

    Highly effective aerosol penetrating lubricant that frees rusted and corroded nuts and bolts.  Also lubricates and prevents corrosion on rusted and frozen parts. Can be used on most metal, wood and painted surfaces. Best Seller!!

    Powdered Spray Wash Detergent

    Product Number: 1072

    Low foaming metal cleaner for soft metals. Designed for use in spray wash cabinets or hot vats. Concentrated formula allows for handling light, medium and heavy soils, depending on solution rate.

    Purple Power

    Product Number: 1122

    This advanced formula detergent based heavy duty hand soap mixed with a combination of pumice and scrubbing beads will remove the toughest grease and grime. Formulated with a pleasant, lemon scent that will not dry out hands.

    Rapid Solv

    Product Number: 1132

    Non-flammable, non-corrosive cleaner and degreaser that leaves no residue and dries quickly. Effective as a solvent degreaser to remove dirt, grease and grime from metallic and non-metallic surfaces. Can be used on electric motors while they are running.

    Sam’s All Surface Cleaner

    Product Number: 1023

    Versatile erosol that does an excellent job cleaning on all surfaces. Easy to use on chrome, glass, formica,granite, plastic and most other surfaces not harmed by water.


    Product Number: 1432

    Ready to use alcohol-based liquid glass cleaner. Provides superior cleaning without streaking.

    Starting Fluid

    Product Number: 1083

    Fast acting starting fluid that contains an upper cylinder to aid in the initial start. Works great in cold, damp weather.

    Total Shine

    Product Number: 1440

    Total Shine is a great final detail product with a silicone based coating that provides outstanding shine and is long lasting. VOC compliant and can be used on all plastic, vinyl, rubber and body moldings. A best seller! USE IN WINTER TO PREVENT MOLDINGS AND BUMPERS FROM DRYING!

    Walnut Works

    Product Number: 1465

    Excellent detergent based hand cleaner with walnut shells.  Available in gallons and 3.55 liters.

    Wash ‘N Wax

    Product Number: 1090

    A high pH liquid detergent with a carnuba polish incorporated. In one step, vehicles are cleaned, acid residues neutralized and a polish applied to enhance appearance and protect vehicle surfaces.

    Waterless Handcleaner Tubes

    Product Number: 1315

    Convenient tubes for vehicles where there is no water supply. This is truly a waterless handsoap and provides superior cleaning ability.

    Windshield Blast

    Product Number: 1901

    Concentrated methanol based windshield wash solvent with antifreeze. For use in autos and trucks. Protects to -23ºF.


    Product Number: 1558

    Premium detergent based heavy duty hand soap with plastic scrubbing beads.  Best Seller!


    “I just wanted to thank you for providing my department with the Personal Foul Power-shot to clean and sanitize the fire gear. It quickly and very effectively removed all of the smell from the helmets, jackets, pants and boots. We’ve never been able to effectively clean or sanitize our helmets effectively because it so labor intensive. The Algonquin Personal Foul Power-shot took care of everything in less than 6 hours with no cleaning or labor required. You’ve got us hooked on this product and we’re going to sanitize our gear much more frequently now that is so easy and cost efficient. On behalf of everyone at Dartmouth Fire District 2, I really appreciate you taking the time to demo this product and prove its effectiveness.”

    – Chief Andre, Dartmouth Fire District

    “I wanted to let you know just how pleased we are at Pieper Olson Veterinary Hospital with the service that Algonquin Products and Kevin Worthington have provided us. Over the past nine months, Kevin has gone above & beyond what a sales representative is required to do. He is always there to answer any questions and assist me with any concerns that I may have. He supplies our business with high quality cleaning supplies such as: paper products, laundry detergents, sanitation products and many other items we need in order to keep the practice running smoothly. I only hope that Kevin can continue to provide Pieper Olson with many more Algonquin products for years to come.”

    – Amber Goulet, Pieper-Olson Veterinary Center

    “I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to the Algonquin Products crew for helping us to bring our company to higher levels of sanitation. You know, here at the Pier Fish Co. we do our best to maintain a clean and safe environment at all times. By forming a partnership with Algonquin we feel much closer to our goals. Thanks to your professional personal training in putting the time in to show how well your products work as well the savings we can achieve by having a better understanding on the amounts we should be using. Pier Fish Co. is looking forward to a long relationship with Algonquin Products. Thanks for everything.”

    – Richard Casemiro, Pier Fish Company

    “Algonquin has great products and amazing support from Jim Piva. Jim’s fast response time and willingness to go well above and beyond always exceeds my expectations. I know I can count on him for a positive outcome, no matter my request.” 

    – Camie Cox, The Town Dock

    Good Afternoon Mr. Piva,


    I work in the Purchasing/Legal Department for the Town of Guilford and was charged with ordering PPE products for all the departments.  The Fire Department referred me to Algonquin Products and gave me Terry Cohn’s contact info.  From the moment I spoke to Terry, I knew he was a true professional and he was most efficient in providing me with quotes for the PPE items we needed.  One of the items we ordered earlier this summer was for the touchless hand sanitizer dispensers.  Unfortunately, through no fault of Terry, he was unable to get an ETA on the dispensers, which were supposed to be shipped in August.  He recently informed me about another vendor who had these dispensers readily available and so I quickly moved forward and placed the order!  Terry also informed me about the 55 gallon drum of the gel hand-sanitizer, which I previously had ordered in the small pump bottles.  The cost-savings associated with the purchase of the 55 gallon drum of this hand-sanitizer is a no brainer!!


    Our maintenance staff is currently in the process of installing the touchless hand-sanitizers and the positive feedback I’ve received so far has been incredible.  They especially like the gel because it has no odor!!


    I would like thank you for your efforts to expedite this order and to Terry for being so responsive to our needs during this pandemic crisis.  Over the summer, I had the pleasure to meet Terry and he is a wonderful sales representative and works diligently to service his customers.


    Thank you for the great customer service Algonquin Products is providing to the Town of Guilford.


    Have a wonderful day.




    Victoria Ahern

    Administrative Assistant to

    Town of Guilford


    “On behalf of the University of Rhode Island, I would like to personally thank you and everyone at Algonquin Products Company for helping to make the Student Union one of the cleanest buildings on the URI Campus. My entire staff raves about the high quality and efficiency of your cleaning products. As our primary sales rep, you have been extremely accommodating and the level of service your company provides is second to none. In a time of significant budgetary restraints, my ability to acquire such high level products in a cost efficient manner makes all the difference in the world. Thanks to you and everyone at Algonquin for a job well done! The University looks forward to continuing its relationship with Algonquin Products for many years to come.”

    – Robert F. Tiernan, University of Rhode Island

    “I sell Sludge Buster degreaser to several municipalities for their Lift Station grease buildup problems. The results have been fewer service calls, and the citrus scent helps manage odor-control issues.”

    – Cody Husser, Wholesale Pump